Die-cutting and ToolingWorkshop


FRIDAY 11 MAY 2018

Explore how dies and tooling are produced for different presses and end-use applications. Understand how they can be selected and used for best performance or to add value; why careful pressure settings and adjustments are important for ultimate success; how the correct choice of cutting angles and cutting profiles is required; and why attention needs to be paid to all aspects of handling and storage.

This 3.5-hour workshop will be presented by Andy Thomas-Emans, along with other leading experts from the field of shrink sleeve materials and technology. It is in association with the Label Academy, the global training program for the label and package printing industry.

The price includes the workshop as well as a copy of the text book ($125 if bought separately).

For everyone's benefit, seating is strictly limited. Please book early to avoid disappointment.


09:00Introduction to the Label Academy and die-cutting and tooling

  • Standardizing global training: aims and objectives
  • Textbooks and modules available
  • Understanding the nature, role and function of tooling

09:25Looking at the die-cutting process

  • Cutting of label webs to shape and size 
  • Creating die-lines and supplying artwork
  • Positioning of barcodes, proofing and plates

10:00Optimizing the die-cutting process

  • Factors influencing the die-cutting process – web tension, speed, friction, and substrates being cut
  • Stability of the cutting unit and the force required
  • The geometry of the cutter – cutting angle, die-height and clearance
10:40Break with tea and coffee

10:50Embossing, foiling and special tooling

  • The nature, use and manufacture of embossing dies
  • The hot foiling process and the use of foiling dies
  • Special tooling for cutting, perforating, hole punching and slitting

11:30Setting, measuring, testing and adjusting tooling

  • The nature and use of pressure gauges – why and how are they used
  • Hydraulic pressure jacks
  • Electronic pressure gauges

12:00Handling, storage and troubleshooting panel discussion

  • Safety, health and handling guidelines
  • Cleaning and storage of cutting, embossing and foiling tools
  • Troubleshooting – where and how problems occur
12:30End of workshop


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