05 December 2022

FIFE-500 MAX Web Guiding System

Click on image to download high resolution version

The FIFE-500 MAX takes all of the features customers loved from the FIFE-500 and maximizes everything! With added networking and communications, an intuitive 5 inch color touchscreen, 8 pole motor for smoother guiding, greater accuracy and reduced scrap, the FIFE-500 MAX leverages the latest technology at an attainable price point to improve performance and reduce maintenance. Utilizing brushless motors and even faster processing speeds allows the FIFE-500 MAX to quickly adapt to changes in the web, even at high line speeds.

Embedded communications- Ethernet/IP, CCLink, RS-485 (add on option for PROFINET, EtherCAT)

  • Up to 10X better guiding accuracy than the competition
  • Intuitive 5” color touchscreen
  • Multiple languages for quick setup and operation, with minimal training needed
  • 8-pole, brushless motor for smoother guiding and reduced scrap
  • Easy connection to your PLC
  • Optional splice table and fine adjustment mounting bracket


NEW- Now available for web widths up to 900 mm and tensions up to 800N