04 January 2023

Introducing the state of the art high-precision customized cutting equipment

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YICHEEN is a professional equipment supplier that specializes in soft-material cutting technology, including: die cutting, sheet cutting, slitting and laminating.

Since 1979 they have been supplying soft material cutting machinery. This has now transformed into state of the art high-precision customized cutting equipment, which meets worldwide standards and guidelines. In the ever changing technological environment, we are constantly moving forward with technological advancement and our philosophy is to ‘make it right’ no matter the requirements or the material that is needed to be cut.

Other companies may claim to be precise but we try to quantify this with precision to the nearest micrometer (um). Being a technology leader with much sought after knowhow, we have had to protect many of our technologies with patents. Some of these patents include, feed in devices, die frames, and cutting machinery.

YICHEEN believes that trust is an important factor in any partnership, to manufacture a quality equipment so that you know the products that you purchase from us, can be believed in.