16 December 2022

Rhyguan TOP-330-PLUS-2 semi/full rotary flexo

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Rhyguan’s complete range is sold and serviced by Press Systems Group, and at the time of going to press Press Systems Group have sold 30+ machines across Thailand.

“Rhyguan has been making smart converting machines for the label industry for more than 10 years and selling them all over the world. We are one of the largest manufacturers of smart converting solutions for the label industry. Each year, we produce more than 500 machines, and our equipment has been particularly popular in Europe, which is one of the toughest markets for any press or converting equipment manufacturer to sell into. All Rhyguan machines are CE certified with European health, safety, and environmental protection, to meet the most stringent standards. We are one of the top three label converting machinery manufacturers in the world, and the top 500 label printers in China all use Rhyguan machines.”

TOP-330-PLUS-2 semi/full rotary flexo and semi/full rotary die cut solution


1: Fully servo driven, close loop tension control, make machine more stable.

2: Maximum speed up to 60m/min-100m/min, good for big orders.

3: Flexo registration up to ±0.15mm.

4: Noiseless and non vibration.

5: Semi flexo together with semi die cut, good for short and quick orders needs, work as off line converting machine for digital printing machine.

6: Semi flexo together with semi die cut, good for mass production also.