25 January 2023

Sandon Global partners to serve Australian printing market

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Printers in Australia will be able to access Sandon Global’s anilox technology following a distribution agreement with GMS Pacific. 
The deal is expected to have an immediate impact for the Australasian flexographic market as GMS Pacific holds a strong position in the region – but it will also provide key equipment to lithographic and metal decoration printers. 
Sandon Global, a developer of anilox rollers and sleeves, cylinders, and ancillary equipment, has been visiting customers in Australia in recent weeks to demonstrate how its anilox set the standard for precision engineering in the industry. 
Andrew McNamara, managing director of GMS Pacific, said the agreement will ensure that local label and packaging manufacturers can access the type of quality anilox equipment that they need and deserve. 
He stated: 'Sandon's well-earned reputation for quality and service is clearly evident in everything it does, every cylinder it manufactures. We have always looked for quality products, supported by a company that invests in its products and drives innovation to create the best value and opportunity for its customers.'
He continued: 'We researched the market and felt there was a lot of ‘me too’ products, that are good products, but not really focused and looking to drive their future. We were introduced to Sandon Global through an industry contact, who indicated the company may be looking for new representation in Australia. Both organizations share similar values, so it is a really good fit.'
Jake Roberts, sales director at Sandon Global, said: 'Sandon Global is proud to partner with GMS Pacific. Both our companies are committed to setting the standard in our industry from customer service through to the delivery of quality products that meet the needs of our customers.
'We know that Australian labels and packaging producers expect a high-standard from the machinery,' he added. 'The Australian market continues to grow and we believe that we can support that growth by partnering with GMS Pacific, who represents a significant number of market-leading brands. Together, we can help our Australian customers get value for money, better production quality and longer duration from their anilox.'
GMS Pacific provides printing consumables, tooling, and equipment to printers in the Australia Pacific region. 
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